Serenity ‚ÄčEnterprise inc.

ManufactureRs/DISTRibutors & wholesalers of specialty food products



Butter Chicken 

Tikka Masala 


Chana Masala 

Tamarind And Date Chutney 

Mint Chutney

Garlic Chilly

All Spices 

Basmati Rice (10 Lb and 40 Lb)
Matta Rice - Goa Rice (44lb) 

Goan Products

Goa Sausages (Spicy and Medium Spicy)

Ambot Tik Masala

Fish Curry Masala

Prawn Curry Masala

Xacuti Masala 

Sorpotel Paste

Vindaloo Paste

Tendlim Pickle, Lime Pickle etc. 

Coconut Vinegar

Toddy Vinegar


Goa Jaggery 

Chicken Roast Masala

Chicken Curry Masala

Cafrel Masala

Fish Fry 

and many more...............

In addition to the above, we also do cooked foods like Sorpotel, Vindaloo, Potato Chops, Sannas, Cutlets, Pan Rolls etc. and take Catering Orders too. Please call 416 993 7127 for further information.

We also started taking orders for Christmas sweets. Please call 416-993-7127 to place your orders.

Wholesalers For Various Brands