Serenity ​Enterprise inc.

ManufactureRs/DISTRibutors & wholesalers of specialty food products

Our Company

Serenity Enterprise Inc. is a manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers of specialty food products and spices, and distributes to all ethnic and main stream stores, restaurants and banquet halls. Serenity cooking sauce are unique since they are ready to use and easy to cook products. We have sauces like butter chicken, tikka masala, vindaloo, chana masala etc., and chutneys like garlic chilly, coriander mint, tangy mango, tamarind and date. We are distributors of Serenity spices, basmatic rice, ginger and garlic paste and eventually plan to expand the product range. 

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission and Vision is to be one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of Specialty food products by providing quality authentic flavours in the Indian cuisine at a very affordable price and providing excellent customer satisfaction and service.  Also to be Nationally owned and Internationally recognized.  Our main mission is to make Indian flavours known to all cultures in this multicultural society of Canada. 


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